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Dark Island
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Peripatetic excavations from 2011 in the peripheral Olympic landscape.



Found Metal, 2020 (photograph)

Exercise Walks, 2020


Monier Road Aria, 2020


Field Recordings, 2019-current (short audio mobile phone recordings of construction sites across Hackney Wick and Fish Island), link to Soundcloud

Smash, 2019 (photograph)

Salmon Sprint, 2019 (marathon map for Hackney Wick and Fish Island)

Dance of the Augers, 2017 (photographs)

“Neighbour Hood Wink”, 2017 (photograph)

Applications, 2016 (photograph)

13th October 2016, 2016 (moving-image)

Lea, 2016 (sculpture)

Cola, ongoing (photographs)

Local Map 2013, 2012 (map) (on loan to Wick Curiosity Shop)

Summer 2013, 2012 (predictive tweets)

McGraths, 2013 (moving-image)

Latent Wick, 2013 (sculpture)

Wick Sticks, 2012 (product)

Before: After, 2012 (proposal)


Before, 2011, 2012 (publication)

Medicopter Landing, 2012 (moving-image)

Lea Valley Walk 10.12.11, 2011 (moving-image)

Wallis Road 09.03.11, IP, 2011 (poem)

Wallis Road 20.02.11, KK, 2011 (moving-image)

Capital Ring 09.01.11, 2011 (print)



Urban Fabric, Central St Martins, 2015
BA Textiles, Central St Martins; 2014, 2015
Negotiating Context, Konstfack, Stockholm, 2015
MULTISTORY, University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury, 2013
Hackney Wick (Un)Regulated, ‘Salon de Refuse Olympique’, 2011
Something from Nothing, Social Enterprise: Lessons for Architects, 2011



Ready, Steady, Go? A dialogue on East London’s changes, 2012



Before; V&A Late: Hackney Wick Takeover, 2014
Local Map 2013, Wick Curiosity Shop (on loan), Hackney Wick Festival 2012
Capital Ring; Bowery Gallery, Leeds, 2012



Medicopter Landing, Sydney Architecture Festival, Golden Age Cinema, 2014



Latent Wick, Wick Newspaper, 2013
Before: After; Architectural Inventions, Ed. Goldfarb & Bua, 2012
Reclaim for the interim, RUrban Wick Zine, Issue 1, 2012
WR 09.03.11, Acquired for Development by… A Hackney Anthology, IP, 2012
Ad-Hoc Urbanism; Engage Journal 29, 2012
Rise and fall of the urban village, Wick Newspaper, 2012
Hackney Wicked Review, Blueprint Magazine Online, 2011

Found Metal, 2020

Salmon Sprint (grayscale version), 2019

“Neighbour Hood Wink”, 2017

Dance of the Augers, 2017


Applications, on Wallis Road, 2016


Lea, taking a duckweed dip in Lee Navigation Canal, Hackney Wick, 2016


Dark Island_Victoria Albert Museum_KK

Before: Now, for V&A Late: Hackney Wick Takeover, 2014



Local Map 2013, (top left), Wick Sticks (forth from right bottom) inside Wick Common Shop


Latent Wick, 2012 on loan to Wick Curiosity Shop. Photo: Andreas Lang

Latent Wick, 2012 (left) on loan to Wick Curiosity Shop. Photo: Andreas Lang



Wick Sticks, available at Wick Curiosity Shop, Hackney Wick Festival, 2012


Before | After_Colin Priest_2010

Before After, 2012, published in Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawings by Matt Bua and Maximillian Goldfarb




Before (recto), 2012 for Hackney Wicked 2012



Before (verso), 2012 for Hackney Wicked 2012



Capital Ring, 2011 exhibited Bowery Gallery, Leeds


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