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2017, Moulle, Installation, Landscape, Limited Edition, Poem, Print

A temporal landscape for Moulle Library, enlivening Le Bestiaire (ou Cortège d’Orphée), a poetic album of 30 short poems by Guillaume Apollinaire. Published in 1911, and selected following the discovery this was the same year the Médiathèque de Moulle was built, the displayed work included: a bright garden sculpture and illustrated shuffle book to introduce a contemporary, site-specific perspective to Apollinaire’s writings, the library, Moulle and the Hauts-de-France region.

Exhibition: Cabinet / Armoire
Exhibitors: Colin Priest + Nicholette Goff
Médiathèque de Moulle, Moulle, France
15th September -28th October 2017
In partnership with l’espace 36 + Tempo Arts Ltd