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Greetings from DEAL
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Greetings from DEAL started as a space of experimentation in 2010, ending in 2017; charting narratives in a seaside town undergoing urban change with creative people connected to the place. Through conversation, various public exhibitions, generosities and shared ambitions, works have been captured through a familiar postcard format. Near and far, long and short, fact and fiction: site-specific memories have been caught.





Sheds, photograph 1/1

Sheds, 2014 (photographs)
Deal Pumping Station, 2014 (film)
Royal Marines Band Concert, 2014 (film)

Sign Language, MH, 2013 (film)

Carter, 2013 (film)

Down from London, MH, 2013 (film)
Three Men Talking about the Weather, IP + PW, 2013 (poem + knitted characters)


Tempest, photograph 2/3

Tempest, 2013 (photographs)

Tides of Change, 2013 (film)
Flotsam Jetsam, LD, 2013 (photographs)

St Leonard, photograph 2/4

St Leonard, photograph 2/4

St Leonard, 2013 (photographs)


Hamilton Paths, photograph 1/3

Hamilton Paths, 2013 (photographs)
in Whitstable, Whitstable Satellite, 2012 (postcard, map)
Look forward to seeing you, MH, 2012 (film)

Picture House, MH, 2012 (film)

Concrete, photograph 1/5

Concrete, photograph 1/5

Concrete, 2012 (photographs)
The Seafront, 2012 (film)

GFD_HS_May 2012_CP_01

High Street, photograph 1/3

High Street, 2012 (photographs)

War of the Worlds, MH, JR, 2011 (film)
Saxon Shore, 2011 (film)
Welcome, MH, 2011 (film)

Looking from Goodwin Sands, DS, 2011 (film)
Reference, 2010-2013 (found books – various)
Historic Deal, MH, 2010 (photographs)
Spratter Portraits, MH, 2010 (photographs)

Persuasion, MH, 2010 (film)

Fishing Lines, MH, JR, 2010 (film)

Smugglers, MH, JR, 2010 (three-channel film, various duration, looped)



Site Specific Art Salon, Walmer Beach, 2013 with Underground Pearl

salon 0143

Salon on Walmer Beach with the boat Julie (Photo: Katryn Saqui)


— Film as Measure, Cookhouse, Chelsea College of Arts, 2013
— Ghost Project Space, Folkestone Triennial, 2011
— The Watcher of Beautiful Form, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, 2011
— 1st Festival of Invisible Publishing, Pigeon Wing Gallery, London, 2010

The Watcher of Beautiful Form_Installation_00

Installation view at The Watcher of Beautiful Form, Kaleidoscope Gallery


in Whitstable_CP

Installation view of Greetings from DEAL: IN WHITSTABLE at Oxford Street Books, Whitstable Satellite 2012


Film as Measure_Exhibition_CP_00

Installation view Film as Measure, Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, 2013

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