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Olympic Car Park Competition
2013, London, Competition

A two-layer skin; the outer cladding layer is a green painted metal panel perforated to a design of intertwined leaves and branches. This artificial ‘hedge’ varies in relation to the surroundings – denser on its north-eastern edge to increase shielding and reduce reflection over the A12, more open to the canal and with more variance in its foliage to the new Broadcast and Press Centre buildings. Some of the cut edges of the green coloured metal panel are bent out, enhancing the openness to the mirror surface in selected areas while also providing a third dimension to the outer surface.

Connecting the urban language; as a totality, the composition of the perforation and solidity establishes a sensitive monumentality along its northern, southern and western faces, punctuated by blackened stair and lift cores. Mirroring the scale of the neighbouring media buildings, the copper box, light industrial warehouses around Fish Island to Acme’s new residential/ artist’s studio development underline the of built and visual mass to this particular urban grain.

Design Team: Hayhurst & Co, Colin Priest
QS: David Langdon
Structural Engineer: Structure Mode

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