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Continuous Picnic
2008, London, Banners, Blanket, Seed Packet

An event to engage Londoners and visitors in a dialogue about urban food production and an alternative use of open space making the point that both could be combined advantageously in future urban design. Working with Bohn & Viljoen Architects a series of events were planned; an Inverted Market, the Picnic and Community Composting as well as competitions and games throughout the day for the London Festival of Architecture 2008. The Continuous Picnic Fields identity landscape (Studio Columba / Colin Priest) consisted of seed packets, flyers, market banners and picnic blankets. Project design, management and production in collaboration with Bohn and Viljoen Architects, Sustain, LFA  and various London Allotment Associations.



London Yields: Urban Agriculture, Building Centre, London, 2009
Actions: What You Can Do With the City, Canadian Centre for Architecture, 2008


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