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Site-specific works incorporate installation, writing, film, performance and archival material. Assembling found and made artefacts, media and narratives; public encounters gently rub fragments of time, architecture and memory, manifesting as ephemeral conversation, intervention, exhibition, publication and gathering. Projects evolve around wayfinding, lively research and the continual negotiation of landscapes on a site-by-site basis. Research and collaboration seeks to underscore a sense of place, the cultural value of change and stories shared with our built heritage.

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Many Hands

2014, London
Dark Island
Greetings from DEAL
Blackberry Tonic
Bay Watch
St Leonards Foundary
The Dance of the Neptune Plant
Hallucinatory Zoo
Flash Fog
Bow Bells Ring
Continuous Picnic
#SensingFlora, 2020, Many Places
1963-2024, 2016, London
(Film, Landscape)
451, 2011, London
85 Steps, 2017, San Francisco
(Landscape, Postcard, Print)
Albert in Edwardia, 2015, Hastings
An East London Group Artist once stood here…, 2014, London
(The East London Group of Artists, Walk)
An Hour of Glass, 2022, London
(Drawing, Poem, Wayfinding)
Apr 6 1916, 2016, Faversham
(Installation, Walk)
Arcadian Margins III, 2014, Aberdeen
(Plates, Print)
Baroque Lawn, 2015, Plymouth
(Film, Flag)
Between the A12 and the River Lea, 2012, London
Breathing Machinery, 2020, Many Places
(Participation, Photograph)
Doorsteps, 2020, Many Places
Dopey Dick is 40!, 2017, Derry Londonderry
(Exhibition, Limited Edition, Print)
Elizabeth Carter 1717-2017, 2017, Deal
(Animation, Exhibition, Flags)
Endpapers, 2021, London
(Print, Writing)
Enfield Gates, 2022, Enfield
(Drawing, Poem, Wayfinding)
Expect Great Things, 2012, Sheppey
Finding Time in D1, 2017, Dublin
Glass Brick Series, 2017, Many Places
(Limited Edition, Pamphlet, Print)
Idomeneo Ri De Creta, 2009, Aix en Provence
(Installation, Landscape, Performance, Scenography)
Livre, 2017, Moulle
(Installation, Landscape, Limited Edition, Poem, Print)
Love Bench, 2010, London
(Chair, Participation, Writing)
Many Hands, 2014, London
(Information Board, Print)
Minted, 2015, London
(Market Stall, Mint, Water)
New Entrance with Brick, 2016, London
(Brick, Installation, Landscape)
Olympic Car Park Competition, 2013, London
Plato’s Cave: Metonymy, 2014, London
(Installation, Projection)
Send-off, 2015, Bournemouth
(Bunting, Installation, Limited Edition, Sculpture)
SLOW READ HERE, 2019, Dublin
(Installation, Walk)
Stomping Ground, 2004, Walton-on-Thames
Super Shrimp Champion, 2013, Deal
(Installation, Photograph, Sculpture)
Terpsi Chorus, 2012, Santorini
(Blanket, Participation)
Thames Barrier Park Maze, 2023, London
(Sandbags, Wayfinding)
The Highams Park Gates, 2019, London
(Gates, Landscape)
The Westminster Cavalry Constitutional, 2012, London
Thrift Cultivar, 2014, London
(Installation, Thyme)
Time Management, 2021, Middlesborough
(Animation, Chair)
Timeball 2012, 2012, Deal
(Film, Limited Edition, Postcard, Towel)
Touch Wood, 2017, London
Under the cobbles, history, 2015, Many Places
(Clock, Film)
Unlocked Spaces, 2010, Brighton
(Participation, Stencil)
Waiting Rakes, 2016, Tilbury
(Film, Installation, Landscape, Newspaper)
Warning May Fall Silent, 2015, St Leonards-on-Sea
Whoopee, 2016, Many Places
(Cushion, Limited Edition)