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Breathing Machinery
2020, Many Places, Participation, Photograph

Inside and out, air and its movement breathes life into spaces. During the COVID-19 lockdown attention was drawn to critical care air ventilators, instruments for human survival. While the quiet streets drew attention to the omnipresent sound of mechanical air extraction units on buildings, these motors ventilated vacant warehouse and workplaces – respirators for work life, pushing air into our dark spaces. Between necessary refrigeration, comfort and clean air, these ticking metal boxes are a symbol of our societal and environmental frailty, the embedded lungs within the urban fabric. This work invited a global audience to connect with this urban mechanical air, to contribute portrait photographs and onomatopoeic captions to an Instagram collection and publication designed by Work-Form.


Acts of Air: Reshaping the urban sonic, curated by Lisa Hall. Commissioned by CRiSAP, Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice. Online link to exhibition website here.

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