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2015, Aberdeen, Film, Flags, Lamps, Talk

Commissioned for the Look Again Visual Arts and Design Festival in Aberdeen, #blueskythinker a series of landscapes around Albert the Prince Consort’s statue inspirited by his Presidential speech to the British Association of Advanced Science in 1859 at the nearby Music Hall.

5,000 blue and white surveying flags, an autocue film of his speech projected in the library media room, the reinstatement of the standard lamps outside and illumination of the Library facade, a public call to post images via #blueskythinker and a public talk about clouds with David Shearing.



Autocue projection in Central Library Media Space



Repaired MacFarlane standard lamps to Library elevation



Sky blue illumination to the Library elevation during the festival



Talk at Central Library, Aberdeen with David Shearing

Cloud talk at Central Library, Aberdeen with David Shearing (photo:


Public talk on opening day

Public talk on opening day (photo: