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The Dance of the Neptune Plant
2014, Whitstable, Film, Installation, Limited Edition, Poem, Table

A new work for Whitstable Biennale 2014. The Neptune Plant, specific to the Kent coast has been long harvested by fishermen near the estuary and distributed at the harbour to a cottage industry of cleaning, bunching and dying for sale inland, for aquariums. Fine in structure, the plant is in fact a species of marine animal – the dried skeletal colonies of hydroids. Installed in Whitstable Library Lecture Hall, the film uses as its soundtrack selections from All in a Garden Green composed by romantic Kent-born John Jenkins in 1650 and performed by local cellist Matthew Roberts. Alongside a letterpress poem, the installation presents this peculiar organism as a character, bridging animal and vegetal existence. Within the library there was also a shelf of selected books related to the research.


Dance of the Neptune Plant (2014) from Aye Columba on Vimeo.

The Dance of the Neptune Plant_03



The Dance of the Neptune Plant_04

Letterpress poem


The Dance of the Neptune Plant_07

Selected books related to the research



The Dance of the Neptune oak table can now be found at LT Ranch Space, Lithuania (photo: K.Kotov)

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